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Restricted Attendance During National Lockdown

Elm Hall is currently open to a limited number of pupils during this current national lockdown. The school is only currently open for children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils. For children remaining at home, we are proving a remote education provision. Please see below for details.

Coronavirus Updates

We are really pleased to be able to say that we will be welcoming back all pupils in September 2020. Information below will explain how the new government guidelines will impact on the children’s return to school and the new procedures that will be place.

Class Bubbles

Organising small groups or ‘bubbles’ of children and staff are a central part of the government’s reopening guidance. Establishing small bubbles will help in managing the school should any positive COVID-19 case occur.  In continuing to ensure the segregation of each discrete bubble we aim to prevent a whole setting having to isolate and close and to reduce any potential spread of the virus.  This essential provision will exist in September and for the majority of the new academic year.  Any decision to vary this provision will be made based in the best interests of the health and safety of the whole school community.

EYFS and Year 1 will form a 2 class ‘bubble’ to make use of the continuous provision equipment, outdoor area and speech and language support that has been deemed vital for those children returning in September.

The remaining classes (Years 2 – 6)  will be kept in individual class ‘bubbles’ with teaching staff remaining consistent in each class.

Throughout the working day, ‘Bubbles’ will be kept separated from others. This includes break and lunchtime, breakfast and after school clubs, and during any interventions and/or activities the children may be involved in. Social distancing is not a requirement for the children who are in a bubble together, they may share equipment and work together on tasks. However, staff are still expected to maintain social distancing from the children where possible.


All Children are expected to return to school at the start of term in September 2020. Full attendance is required therefore any absence must be supported by medical evidence or penalty notices will be issued.

Children must not attend school if they feel unwell, however there is an expectation that parent/carers will engage in the test and trace programme, please see link below:

NHS test and trace: how it works - GOV.UK

Elm Hall will respond to a confirmed case by liaising with the DfE and Local Authority which may result with closing a relevant ‘bubble’ (the class) for a 14-day isolation period and deep clean the classroom and facilities. Siblings of isolated pupils would also have to isolate for 14 days but not their corresponding ‘bubble’.

Children will not be required to wear face masks in school.  Should your child use a mask travelling to and from school they will be asked to keep the mask in their school bag for the duration of the school day.

Drop Off and Collection

To prevent congestion and maintain an element of social distancing, a staggered start and end approach for each class will operate. Each class will have a drop off and collection time as follows:


Class / Group

Drop Off Time

Collection Time





Year 1




Year 2




Year 3




Year 4




Year 5




Year 6




At Drop Off:

Please find below the arrangements for dropping off and collecting your children:

  • Parents to enter playground and walk down path and out through the staff car park (marked by yellow markings on path)
  • Children go straight into classroom
  • If you have siblings, you come at the earliest time and drop all the children off
  • No children or adults to gather in the playground
  • You will not be able to speak to a class adult at the class door – you will be able to speak to a member of the SLT at the gate, ring or email the office. If you require time to speak to staff, we will be able to arrange an appointment at the earliest convenience.

At Collection Time:

  • Children will come out to the playground.
  • Parents line up along the path following the path markings
  • Child goes to parent, walks up the path and exit through the staff car park
  • Social distancing at all times
  • Parents with siblings will be required to pick their children up at the latest class pick up time, for example, if you have a child in year 1 and year 4, you would pick both children up at 14.55.

Due to the complexity of children arriving at school within allotted time frames we must insist children arrive on time.  Should children arrive late they will have to enter the school via reception where they will be recorded as late.  Please be aware that children arriving late multiple times can result in a penalty notice being issued.

Further Guidance:

Further DFE guidelines are available on the link below should you wish to read more about government plans to reopen in September:

Emergency Closure Procedures: In the event of school closure or the requirment for a 'bubble' to self-isolate, we will notify parents and carers as soon as possible via SchoolPing. If you are not registered for Ping please enquire at the school office. 

Covid-19 Risk Assessments

Support for Pupils Returning to School

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